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The Coorporation Process

1. Information meeting
The city government invites your company to a joint information meeting about the Carbon 20 project.
More about Carbon 20
2 Visit to your company
If the Carbon 20 project has roused your interest, representatives from the city government will visit your company to discuss your climate potential and ambitions. More about the visit
3 Partnership agreement
After the visit you decide if you wish to be part of a Carbon-20 partnership. See example of partnership agreement
4 Technical assessment
Technical advisers will prepare a detailed mapping of the potential savings in your company.
This assessment will lead to a report with concrete saving suggestions. More about the technical assessment
5 Action plan
Based on the mapping, you will work out an action plan for how you will reach the goal of a 20% CO2-reduction.
More about the action plan
6 Implementation
Towards the end of 2013 you will carry out the action plan, and you will also be able to make use of Carbon 20's other offers. More about the implementation

The Carbon 20-city governments organize information meetings for companies that are interested in the project. Furthermore, the climate advisers available for the Carbon 20 companies are introduced.

If Carbon 20 has roused the company's interest, a Carbon 20 employee from the city government will visit the company. During the visit the employee from the city government and the company discuss the following: 

  • Areas in the company which could be relevant to include in the project (e.g. electricity, heat, supply, waste, water, transport)
  • The status of the company’s climate initiatives (employee involvement, energy management, products).
  • The company’s interests and potentials in the climate area.
  • A walk-through the Carbon 20 Partnership agreement.
  • An agreement about the future course of events.

The meeting will lead to a discussion of the possible focus areas which could be relevant to include if the company wishes to participate in the Carbon 20 project. 

The partnership agreement includes the obligations and possibilities of the company when participating in the Carbon 20 program. See an example (in Danish) of a Carbon 20 partnership agreement.

Once the company has signed a Carbon 20 partnership agreement the company will be offered a technical assessment and/or consulting within the  areas the company has chosen together with the city government. 

This consultation will lead to a screening report which gives the company an overview of the possible focus areas and lists the company´s costs and repayment times. 

Once the company has gathered the necessary information, a climate action plan must be developed which contains the description of:
  • Chosen areas
  • Action
  • Goal
  • Timetable
  • Persons in charge
  • Time consumption

If the company already has an energy management system or other similar management tools, the ation plan can be part of these. 

The company is then responsible for the implementation of the chosen initiatives. For example, you should make appointments with Carbon 20 advisers and contractors.

During the implementation period the Carbon 20 employee from the city government will visit the company at least three times to follow up on the action plan and identify possibilities to support the company in their climate work.


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