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During the project period Carbon 20 publishes a series of reports which is a collection of experiences with partnerships, network creation and education of city government employees, among other things.

Report A: Public-Private Partnerships and the project’s approach to cooperation between municipalities and enterprises

The report is a result of activity 1.2 and it introduces Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) as an academic, historic, international and practical term. Carbon 20 is a triple-helix-collaboration with the participation of two universities, seven municipalities, the National Organisation for Local Governments in Denmark and private partners. The private partners in the project will be 100 volunteer SMEs which will implement a 20 per cent reduction of their green house gases over three years. Moreover, several energy companies, consultants and relevant organizations are partners in the project and function as advisors. The main characteristic of the various partnerships is that they are voluntary and there is no financing between the partners which sets the partnerships apart from the more traditional PPPs. Thus the project will from the outset have a quite open definition of the term PPP, however three practical versions are described as relevant for Carbon 20: the ESCO model, the local regeneration approach and networks. The report quotes academic definitions of the models and describes qualitative examples from the participating municipalities. As a result of Action 1 the municipalities will develop guidelines for the PPPs with the 100 SMEs – this report is background and inspiration for that process.

Report B: Local private sector expectations, needs and conditions for PPP and extended climate cooperation with municipalities

The report is written in the early stages of the recruiting of the 100 SMEs which made it necessary to look beyond the participating enterprises for data. Qualitative data, i.e. interviews and questionnaires, has been gathered from newly recruited Carbon 20 enterprises, enterprises which have shown interest in the project, municipal workers, advisors within energy and business and enterprises which have cooperated with their municipality on climate relevant initiatives. The analysis emphasises the importance of economy, time, networking and cooperation and communication with the public sector as motivating factors for enterprises to participate in climate focused PPPs. In conclusion, all PPP activities need to create value for the enterprise. The SMEs will for instance expect to achieve a better economy, a better reputation, more customers, network with others or an improved relationship with the municipality in return for their efforts. The different SMEs, however, have different perceptions of what creates value for them according to their size, economic situation, strategy, etc. The municipalities therefore need to apply different approaches for different enterprises. This report gathers both expectations to and experiences with climate PPPs and serves as input to the further project process.

Finally, the report lists local resources which could be relevant to cooperate with in the individual participating municipalities in Carbon 20.

The reports are to be found here (in Danish).

For more information about generated knowledge in the project, please contact Project Manager Lone Kelstrup.


Report C: Carbon 20 - Climate Partnerships between local governments and companies

In Carbon 20 seven local governments have partnered with 119 local companies. The goal of the partnerships has been for the participating companies to save 20% of their CO2-emissions. By the end of the project, the companies had saved 21.5% CO2 on average.

This result came about through partnerships between local governments, private players and universities. In this report you can read about the project´s methods and results, and get inspiration to how climate partnerships between local governments and local companies can be carried out and contribute towards achieving energy savings in the future.

Download the report here



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